Gear Swap


Chicago Rubber Club runs one of the largest gear-swaps in the United States! Our annual Gear swap is hosted in Chicago during Mister International Rubber! Thank you to 9X6 PURE SILICONE LUBRICANT for their sponsorship.

How does selling work?

  • Carefully read and complete the form below for each item you wish to sell.

  • We sell your item, taking a small percentage.

How does buying work?

  • The Gear swap is located in MIR Market.

  • Come to the gear swap often throughout the weekend as inventory will be frequently changing.

  • Find something you like, and purchase! Cash Only.

Please review the form below for a complete list of instructions on how to sell your items.

The Gear swap is completely volunteer run, and we appreciate your patience through this process! We’d also like to thank 9x6 Lube for being our lube sponsor. The folks at 9x6 kept us stocked with lube so everyone could try out all the shiny gear for sale. Please contact the gear swap coordinator at for assistance.