MIR25 | Gear Swap


Thank you for your interest in the CRC Gear Sale at MIR! We have now gone paperless with our seller forms. Please see the instructions below, and complete the following form. If you have any questions you can email CRCgearswap@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

Here's how it works:

  1. Please fill out the information below so that we can keep track of your items during the gear sale. After you complete the form you fill be assigned a seller number. See below for more on tagging/sale logistics.

  2. We will keep track of your sales. You keep 90%, the Chicago Rubber Club keeps 10%.

  3. All items are sold as-is, the seller makes no warranty on any item for sale.

  4. Seller agrees to hold harmless Mr. International Rubber and the Chicago Rubber Club for any damage sustained by items offered for sale.

  5. Seller has willingly chosen to sell items and understands that items are submitted on a voluntary basis.

  6. Seller reserves the right to withdraw any and all items from the sale at any time

  7. Seller agrees that 10% of the sale price of the item shall be retained by the Chicago Rubber Club as consignment fee. It bears repeating!

  8. Seller agrees to claim any unsold items and money by 5:00 p.m. Sunday, November 10, 2021. Any items and/or money not claimed will be donated to the Chicago Rubber Club.

  9. Please note that this is a CASH ONLY operation - buying, selling, everything. There are two ATMs located on Halsted St across the street from the Center on Halsted.

  10. Please try to sell in $5 increments. We cannot guarantee we have coinage.

  11. You may complete the form multiple times if you have more than 30 items. You’ll receive another seller number for the second form.

  12. Donations are welcome! If you have a large drop of please email so we can help coordinate!

  13. This is a completely volunteer run operation, so we appreciate your cooperation!


We HIGHLY recommend you complete the form and prepare tags in advance!