Rubber Gear requires care and attention to get the most out of it. We've included some common tips for putting on, removing, cleaning, and storing your gear.

Getting Dressed/Undressed

    • Before putting rubber or latex on, consider rubbing silicone lube, talcum powder, or baby powder on your skin and the inside of the gear first (apply liberally!)

    • Rubber clothing is often tight! It is helpful if you can have a friend help you for the first time

    • Zippers are a common way to make getting in/out of gear easier – just make sure you don’t snag your skin, hair, or rubber in the zipper as you close it

    • Rubber stretches (to a point) so gently tug on the gear as you put it on to smooth out any creases

    • Shine up by gently rubbing silicone lube or latex polish on the gear

    • Rubber is easiest to remove when in the shower as the water helps the gear slide off, but can be taken off out of the shower, if needed

Cleaning your Rubber

    • Clean rubber and latex gear within a few days of wearing it (leaving it dirty with sweat and body oils will weaken it)

    • Cleaning is best done in warm water with a mild, plain soap (no added oils, scents, or aloe)

    • When clean, gently rub with a towel or let hang in the shower to drip dry (do not drip dry in direct sunlight)

    • To ensure it remains shiny, consider polishing your gear with latex polish

Storing your Gear

    • Keep rubber dry before placing in storage

    • Keep rubber out of sunlight as this will cause it to discolor

    • Do not iron your rubber

    • Be cautious about what is touching your rubber – many oils, silicone sex toys, and metals (including copper) can stain your rubber

    • Light-colored latex can stain if in contact with dark-colored rubber; separate your gear if you can

    • Depending on your storage space, people choose to either hang rubber on hangers or store it in ziplock bags. If storing in bags, be wary of folding your gear and creating creases that can weaken the rubber over time. If using hangers, use plastic (not wood or metal)


Chicago hosts many kink-friendly bars throughout the city. Chicago Rubber Club events are welcome to all – regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, or etc. All fetishes are welcome, as are all levels of experience. As you consider attending your first event, here are a few tips:

Getting to the Event

  • Many people are wary of wearing their rubber gear openly in public. Most events will have a coat check, so you can remove any outer garments and store them

  • That being said, many people choose to wear their gear with pride to and from the event (just make sure you are abiding all public decency laws)

At the Event

  • Chicago Rubber Club events are primarily social gatherings of like-minded people. Events often take place in bars where there will be a mix of rubber-wearing and non-rubber wearing attendees. If coming alone, strike up a conversation with other attendees – we’re a friendly bunch!

  • Some events will have a back room that is ‘dress-code only’ so make sure to wear some gear if you plan to venture there

  • Make sure that you have a place to put any belonging you’ll want on your person during the event (wallet, phone, etc.). Many people take a small wallet or ziplock back and store it in a boot or sock

  • Remember that wearing gear is not consent. Make sure to ask before touching anyone in gear and treat all people with respect at social events

The Chicago Rubber Club has hosted past events at CellBlock, Touché, Jackhammer/The Hole.
Do you know of another Chicago-based kink bar? Let us know and we’re happy to add it to the page!


The Chicago Rubber Club is dedicated to providing a safe experience for everyone. While attending a Chicago Rubber Club event, please treat others with respect and watch out for others in our community. Remember that wearing gear is not consent and that no means no.

Please be aware of your surroundings while in gear

Rubber and latex clothing differ from other types of clothing because it is very temperature sensitive.

  • If standing out in the cold, you will find that rubber does little to keep you warm. Make sure to have non-rubber layers to keep warm if you will be in a cold environment

  • If in warm temperatures (summer outside, hot club/bar), you will sweat more than normal. Make sure that you continue to hydrate throughout wearing your rubber/latex gear

Some people have a latex allergy. Some rubber garments are treated to minimize the allergic proteins present in the rubber/latex, but not all gear is.

  • We strongly recommend seeking medical advice before wearing rubber/latex if you have a latex allergy

  • We ask that you are conscious of other peoples’ allergies when wearing your gear